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A fun imaginary full blown octavia rework- aka EXALTED SHAWZIN REWORK

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the mandachord has three sections: beat, rhythm of war and rhythm of harmony

the beat activates if you play in sync with one of the rhythms,  one rhythm can be active at a time based on the ability you are casting, the buffs and debuffs from an active AMP playing the rhythm will replace the previous ones, to reset the buffs you need to change the rhythms....so basically you have to keep casting different abilities and not spam just one rhythm to get your favorite buff

PASSIVE> UNINTERRUPTED: Octavia's immune to status affects and her active buffs are 100% more effective if she plays her music in sync with the mandachord's rhythms

FIRST ABILITY(THE SHAWZIN): Summon your mesmerizing instrument of war and play your music, you can aim and shoot powerful soundwaves with the shawzin based on the type of note and string you're playing, High frequency notes causes enemies to take high damage, low frequency notes causes them to be mesmerized and stunned, play your music in sync with one of the Rhythm to activate the mandachord's uninterrupted buff 

SECOND ABILITY(RHYTHM OF WAR): Octavia bashes the shawzin on the ground releasing a powerful sonic force that stuns and deals damage to enemies, activating the ability twice without changing the rhythm will cost double the energy, if there is an AMP nearby, it plays rhythm of WAR for a duration which increases your and your allies damage dealt by 50% and deals damage overtime to all nearby enemies

THIRD ABILITY(RHYTHM OF HARMONY): Octavia plays a loud high Frequency note that releases a soundwave in a radius, activating the ability twice without changing the rhythm will cost double the energy. the sound wave knocks back and pushes enemies, enemies that collide with obstacles and other enemies take collision damage which is equal to 50% of their max health as True damage. if there is an AMP nearby, it plays rhythm of HARMONY for a duration, which makes you and allies in the vicinity of the AMP 50% more resilient to damage, and enemies are 50% more vulnerable to damage 

FOURTH ABILITY(AMP): Place down an amp that plays either RHTHYM OF WAR or RHTHYM OF HARMONY, and applies it's special buffs in a radius, additionally if you play in sync with the rhythms the beat of the mandachord will activate which gives you different effects based on how you move with the beat

CROUCHING on the beat delivers high damaging shockwaves based on the level of decibel sound in the area

JUMPING on the beat gives you parkour velocity based on the level of decibel sound in the area

SHOOTING on the beat gives you increased multishot based on the level of decibel sound in the area

MELEE on the beat grants you life steal based on the decibel level of sound in the area


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2 hours ago, Reidenshi said:

Because afk gameplay is a good thing?

tell 'em


3 hours ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

Octavia is like the last warframe to need a rework or changes of any kind.

hey like the title implies, this is a FUN and IMAGINARY rework that uses a freaking SHAWZIN as a guitar rifle, i went to the extreme with how much fun you can have with a music based octavia


with this rework of mine, she can play her own music with the shawzin and not a looped record from the mandachord, keep activating abilities and buffs, actually require the players to stay focused and not just afk the list goes on

i removed invisibility because it's too powerful

i made the other buffs more accessible and effective 

aaaand i introduced 2 new abilities, the rhythms which are the bread and butter of her playstyle 

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While totally an interesting concept, I really don't like the idea that 3 of her abilities would be locked behind one of her abilities. While it's her first ability that she'll have from the start, it sounds more like another passive than an ability.

Also there's a big technical with her first ability; how can you shoot and play your Shawzin at the same time? Sure you could make that the pitch switches with your 3rd mouseclick but yet again it would feel like another passive ability.

The last thing I don't like and which DE probably wouldn't either is having to give up on Mandachord after all the effort that went into making it. Technically, Octavia is one if the most expensive frames DE has made due to her Mandachord. Sure it can sound boring as it is now but that's because of how Octavia's 3rd ability works where it is recommended that you have a continuous stream of notes which does make her music be on par with SoundCloud rappers.

While this is a fun concept, it's not what kind of rework Octavia could/should have. (But yes, she DEFINITELY needs a rework. Even though some love her as she is now. She is in the same state as pre-rework wukong was. Powerful, but boring as hell)

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