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Public Test Cluster: Opt-In Key Lottery #3

Message added by [DE]Momaw,

If you came here because you were sent a key, and are wondering where to post your feedback and bug reports,  there is a separate subforum for this. You will need to log out of the forums and then log back in to update your permissions in order to see this area. If you were not sent a key, don't worry, we'll try to get more of you participating in the future!

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There is so much to be done here on Deimos.

Yep, definitely doesn't sound sarcastic, considering, it took me FOUR AND A HALF DAYS OF STRAIGHT FARMING to get the first Mech and the Cortege. (Yes, I grinded from the moment the update dropped, at least 8-10 hours a day.)

So sure, let's test the new stuff.


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