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Public Test Cluster: Opt-In Key Lottery #3

Message added by [DE]Momaw,

If you came here because you were sent a key, and are wondering where to post your feedback and bug reports,  there is a separate subforum for this. You will need to log out of the forums and then log back in to update your permissions in order to see this area. If you were not sent a key, don't worry, we'll try to get more of you participating in the future!

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There is so much to be done here on Deimos. 


Also, i have several warning points. Many of which were unreasonable (such as commenting that a warning point was unreasonable and being punished for it) or from getting into impassioned discussions and defending myself from condescending and insulting individuals. That said, i got my act together, learned how to behave in a public forum, stopped taking things seriously or seeing others as worth the stress and risk involved in an arguement especially if insults start being thrown around. My last warning point was in 2017 and if the permanent ones  i was given i believe most of those mods lost their privileges due to breaking policy in some way. 

If i am lucky enough to be chosen please review the warnings and time frame that has elapsed before immediately disqualifying me. 


Thank you for your consideration. Good luck everyone. 

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