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The Gradivus Dilemma, This Happens Too Often.....


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So it seems batman desided to throw some joke on us. Every time you finish a DIlema mission you will be thrown t a black screen, sometimes even telling that you died.

In this black screen you can shoot, use skills but you cant see anything and probabbly cant move.... or maybe you can i dont know its a black screen


Luckily if you quit you will still get the completition count toward your side and your rewards (at least i did) but its just odd that you have to quit the entire game to start a new mission and it happens far too often and only in this missions (killed Nef a couple of times and no Black sreen, poor guy). This needs to be fixed assap.


On a side note yeah the rewards are ridicusly unbalanced, im whit the grineer cause i love their race but i bet many people choose the materials over the credits (4 mutagen mass YES PLEASE) so in order to havea  fair fight it would be good to balance the rewards a bit more. when i get them btw...

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