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Nightwave End Date & November Update!

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On 2020-11-11 at 1:47 PM, KikuVasNormandy said:

Thanks! Love the Glassmaker finally and the investigation aspect of it! I want to see and expansion over this system and also lore! :)

I found the glassmaker to agonizingly slow and torturous, I play this game to kill things not walk a snail speed looking for barely visible objects, just so i can be plunged into some horrid memory game.

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On 2020-11-11 at 7:13 PM, (PSN)chabala said:

You had to be the contrarian, eh? This is going to end up being the one post Steve reads, and we'll get no meaningful change. I'm sorry alerts were too hard for you, but Nightwave is not a good replacement.

Here's the thing with the old alert system, if you were playing and an alert happened that you wanted the reward for, you could do it. If you missed it, too bad, but it wasn't the end of the world. All alerts would happen again. Nothing was limited edition. Nightwave makes you slog through a bunch of challenges, and for what? Limited edition stuff you can't get elsewhere, some items you might have spent a little plat on, and shop full of basic stuff we used to get in alerts, but now you have to bank up a bunch of Nightwave credits to buy it. And all the while, some pointless themed storyline Nora drones on about.

Yes, I'm well aware.

If i'm being honest they should've kept the alerts and added nightwave as an alternate method alongside the alerts

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On 2020-11-15 at 5:19 PM, (XBOX)CI shadow2397 said:

Can you at least keep the normal steel essence drops as well. Some of us do want to be able to do endurance runs for good gains instead of having to wait for alerts of some bullet sponge boss to get resources 

agreed i don't get why they seem to think they need to remove the old method when they add a new one

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On 2020-11-12 at 10:06 PM, Do_High_Go said:

Why? Do you really feel the need of even more Overkill damage? Do you reeeealy find yourself so often needing more damage?

It is obvious the idea of Synergy is there in a way, but also clear it is poorly executed. Imagine this, whatever your theory, the actual testing will show where it falls short.

Also nowhere was it said anything like "Those New Arcanes Will be Revolutionary and make your other Overpowered Arcanes Obsolete" yet somehow people go in and react like it was openly announced like that??????

No zone? buff on kill with bigger numbers? So you basically want On-Kill Rhino Roar that stacks, AND scales like Viral Status but to 1500%? Because that will be the exact result of what you proposed. If the Arcanes seem poorly done and balanced now, with your fix, they Will be more powerful, yet Extremely Unbalanced. Why? Because It will make content built up for years O B S O L E T E. At this point you may just say you don't want to play the game anymore cuz its too damn easy, right.

That actually sounds amazing instantly killing things is fun and very satisfying.

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On 2020-11-16 at 11:34 PM, Lord_Drod said:

I'm not understanding why people grind prestige ranks in night wave.  If you have all the weapons, helmets, mods, nitain is the only resource you'd want to spend your credits on.  Everything else is obtainable a lot easier through other methods.

For me ..

  because i don't want to speak for everyone else...

 Its about interaction and having something to do.. the same way alerts did... yea i have all that stuff.I

I,m currently Master rank 30 every non founder item in game mastered and most multi forma'd....

Should i stop playing? Is that DE's intention .. I think not

again this is my opinion, 

yea I could grind various nodes  get lot of X.. been there done that , got the T~shirt.

 But having something to do either NW or Alerts Daily sortie or some event, Btw sick of ghouls,

Gives me the feeling like i,m still working toward something and interacting with the game and having fun.

 and if i,m not mistaken playing a game is about having fun?

Also At my stage in Warframe 

kuva is about the only thing in the store worthwhile.

After the one off new mods... Most are about just having at least one of every mod

200+ nitain and nothing to use it on 

it's much like the millions plus  extra focus...

just sitting there waiting for a use

 My .02 credits

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23 minutes ago, SirMorbidus said:

Im kinda hoping Bonewidow CAN use other archmelee weapons because if so Knux on it would be VERY fun

Me as well... But as last dev stream.... thats a big Nope

I think currently arch melee is little used and of little use

mostly because the range is so busted

 in arch wing missions and more so in railjack

Seems  like and over sight that this wasn't going to be part of BoneWindow roll out

 What i understand its about the animations for the seven < 8 if you count the prisma veritux, weapons

and while my limited understanding about animations creation is that... limited  

and i get that the skeleton for the necramechs is different from the warframes ..

 But i would think that some one at DE would have figured out a converter...

I mean these base animations are already in game for warframes

and yea they are way different on the orientation and archwings are flying as opposed to mechs are on ground.

or even using animations for the weapon types to be basically the same as a stance for that weapon type. Limited of course

But even so we are looking at seven new animations sets at the most if they were made from scratch

and it would breath new life into arch melee weapons

at least as far as the current uses for Necramechs



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yeah, I just can't relate to your mindset.  I don't find NW fun at all, but that's just me.  It just feels more like doing chores and there's still other things I'd rather do.  I'm almost MR30 and I've put around 1500 forma into things.  The way it is now, you can get everything it offers without ever looking at it, except popping in the store for the mods and to play ep 5 for the weapon.  I spend any credits on kuva too, and my nitain is just sitting around except for occasional stance formas.

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I started playing warframe in July so hopefully you guys are bundling nightwave series 1 & 2 items in for the newer players i would love to work my way to level 60 to be able to obtain both series items so hopefully this is the plan!


Also can you guys please bring back Scarlett Spear Soon I really need to get my hands on the Ceti Lucara for mastery & more.. + want to test out my railjack!! 

I look forward to seeing the return of these things thx 

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Please remove Lich challenges from nightwave missions, I have all weapons at 60%, and all ephemera.  Plus it's blocking the ones I recover from when I was maxed out before you decided to extend it.  It's asking too much to start a lich for a few nw credits for ppl that dont need a lich.


This sucks started thread with tennos agreeing and understanding, got moved here and ignored.


Edited by ZiLDrome
Only 10 posts in 7 years worth addressing IMO, maybe 5 tickets. This got moved and ignored by DE, sad day.
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39 minutes ago, j0hnnyclaymore said:

When will Glassmaker end (specific date) dont wanna loose my crystal credits. Will DE announce a date before it ends?

DE usually announces the end date by about 3-2 weeks prior at least. Even if you dont spend all the crystal cred, they can be converted to a decent amount of credits after it ends(although they can no longer be used as nightwave currency).

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Honestly I'm worried about Intermission #3. Intermission 1 lasted 3 weeks, Intermission 2 lasted almost 6 months. While the lore from Saturn Six was interesting, it didn't fit well into the universe. Arlo the Emissary was neat, hints to "open world Eris" and randomly spawning allies during the beginning of the plot.

  • No lasting benefit of the previous Nightwaves, no stories or characters or over-arching plot.
  • Keeping Wolf Sledge and Infested Operator suit (plus other souvenirs) is nice, but we didn't help anyone (for example wrongly-imprisoned refugees from Saturn Six or half-infested ex-zealots who escaped Arlo)

I'm afraid the next Intermission will last until 2022!


Looking Around Star Trek GIFWho's in charge here? Lotus or Nora Nightwave?


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