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Looking For A Clan (Grineer-Side Hopefully)



Mastery 11, constantly no lifes, has all the good stuff in the game, etc. down to help with the event as much as my schoolwork permits, and im already at like 50 runs completed for grineer. 


So yeah, size isnt too important to me, just that its pretty far along in terms of progress for the event and having stuff built up already (yknow, research weapons and such)


Add me on steam if you want, im not too good about checking here :x


Steam name: Anna Prime


*i play Smite, CS:GO, Blacklight Retribution, and occasionally Combat Arms in addition to warframe.


so yeah, add me in game or on steam if you wanna play or let me hop in your clan. Thanks!


Oh and i contribute materials when the clan is gunning for new items and research stuff. apparently some people dont do that. lol



** (not sure if right section to post in :x )

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