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Riven selling



I wonder, do I have any chances of selling those two rivens? 

Xoris, 2 rolls

+85.3% melee damage

+40.1% toxin

+40.5% status chance

Kuva Bramma, 2 rolls

+77.3% damage

+53.2% impact

+24.7% max ammo

I think Kuva Bramma one is pretty good, but I'm not sure about Xoris.

Also, can I get better stats by rolling them more? Or I can get a godroll on first roll and this depends only on my luck? 


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7 minutes ago, AcidRain05 said:

I'll keep rolling then. Thanks! 

If possible, you might want to spend some time researching what good/god riven rolls look like.

At the core of it, you want a riven mod to replace 2 other mods in your build.

Usually, this would mean crit damage, maybe an element, maybe attack speed.

Typically, you wouldn't want base damage (since other mods provide much bigger numbers). For melee, you'd normally skip on crit chance and status chance, since bloodrush and weeping wounds are much better. For primary/secondary, it's a bit more flexible and depends on the weapon.

That said, if you're building a stat-stick for khora etc, that can also change the types of bonuses you're after. Note, xoris is no longer used as a stat-stick, so not really relevant for you at the moment.

Hope that helps a little.

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