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Make Sargas A Lovable Boss In 3 Easy Steps





I was bored and I was speedfarming orokin cells (15 in 50 minutes :D). Since some people don't like this old fellow for his bullet attractor, I decided to take some quick clips showing how he can be as easy as Ambulas or Nef Anyo.


Nova: Antimatter Drop and Mprime. Rush, Maglev, Quick Rest for rushing the level. Energy Syphon, Fleeting expertise (60%) and streamline (15%) for spamming abilities. Focus for bonus antimatter damage (not that you need it). Redirection to not die. 


Soma: Max crit, piercing hit, Shred.


If you don't have...

Fleeting Expertise, then you can just use a maxed out Streamline and break some crates on the way to the boss room to fill up on energy. Or you can just do step 3 the traditional way (waiting it out).

Shred OR Metal Auger, go farm Nightmare. Shred is one of those must-have mods.

Maglev, it's fine. Maglev only cuts run times by 10-15 seconds.

Soma, use some other weapon that can kill him in 5 seconds or less.

Nova, use Loki, Ash, or any other fast frame. However, you have to be more careful with how you shoot in the case that steps 1 or 2 don't work out for you, and you have to wait out the attractor if he gets it on you.



Step one: If you enter the boss room through the second floor, it's a free kill. You can mprime him if you want, or you can just spray him to death. Since he spawns as an unalert enemy with very little awareness, he will not react unless you take a long time to kill him.



Step two: If you enter through the ground floor entrances, you can run into the building right next to him, wait for him to spawn, and shoot through the wall of that building. Shred on Soma makes this possible. Once again, mprime is optional.

Sometimes, he will not spawn even if you wait around in that building. You can peek your head out to make him spawn, go back into the building, and start spamming AMD at the door. You can also look in the direction of his spawn as you maneuver around the buildings and enter the nearest one with a wall blocking your direction at all times to keep him from spawning before you get in there. This makes it easier for him to spawn when you loiter in the building for a few seconds.



Step three (aka the oh-I-messed-up-by-going-in-front-of-him): If he sees you and casts bullet attractor, start spamming antimatter drop while zigzagging towards him. You can move towards him since he won't be doing much damage. You can mprime to cut his ROF in half and make your AMD do 2x damage. The fastest way, however, is to hide in a building to lure him closer (without casting mprime) and spam AMD at the door until he gets within range of the constant AMD explosions. If you take your sweet time like I did in this clip, it's not much faster than waiting for bullet attractor to go away.



Step one is something most people should know, but I never see people doing steps 2 or 3 since they just go Rhino with Iron skin and hope that they won't kill themselves too fast. Step 2 is extremely important since it makes it impossible for Sargas to cast attractor on you. (and if you do the Rhino path, why not do Rhino stomp?)

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