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Ropalolyste is still utterly broken


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OK so first, let me say this:i know there is already topics about it but yet beyond all the bugs reported, i encountered some that are not listed.

Second; dont mind me if im salty after spending hours on a boss fight that has ALWAYS been bugged and making me lose my time repeting the same mission to find out HEY bugged again. And apologies to devs if i feel aggressive at any point but no one likes to feel like someone is doing bad thing to their anus without consent.


So to get straight to the point, in the 1st phase:

Once the reactor has been charged, the boss either gets on the opposite side of the arena every time i come close to it to down his shield with my operator. (because yeah i like to move from one side to another of the arena to get my operator just to see the boss flying away)

Or he simply just gets waaaaay back so my operator has no way near the range to hit him. So basically, imposible to even down his shield as he never gets in range or on the good side of the arena, therefore a reset of the mission. (as it just becomes hide and seek)

if you're lucky he may just stuck himself on top of the reactor, and wil remain stuck until his shield is downed. (almost 3/4 times i was able to pass those phases was like so)


From the 2nd phase:

He just start to get suicidal and keeps going off the plateform, which, you'll see, will be MORE than PROBLEMATIC on the 3rd phase. He's just on the edge, facing the the emptiness surrounding the arena, and keeps jumping off everytime he tries to turn around.

The fun part is, as he does that he's quite invulnerable to the laser we trigger to end the phase once we'eve downed one of his "things" that takes damage, as he is either not on the plateform or falling from it in a stuttering way. (so almost never in the aoe of the laser, you see the 3rd part coming?)

this does not requires a reset everytime, but sometimes does when you downed him x times and no ammos are left even tho you couldn't complete that phase.If RNG isn't playing with you , you should be able to get through those 2 first cycles of the laser thingy you trigger to destroy his weak parts.


Now the most broken mechanic and frustrating thing i've seen as far as i remember in a game, the 3rd phase:

3-4 hours knowing all the mechanics, completing them as i could, and EVERYTIME, as the boss has the smallest arena to move in, he is stuck in an infinite falling loop, the same as explained on previous phase, but he's almost in mid air floating like Houdini out the plateform before falling few secs after. I can obviously see he is trying the turn around, but evry time he steps, he falls, reseting him at previous place with same orientation face to the emptyness of the void. (and his code)

I mean i've encountered that bug where i get constantly reseted as a fall even though im on the ground but its been reported already.

This basically leads to a situation where i constantly get his last phase life down, trigger the laser and pray for it to finally end my sufferings, but no, i have reseted around 10times the mission, and not even once the fight went to its end. (watched tutorials, tips, videos,and forums all hoping i was doing something wrong, but no just entirely bugged from skin to bones)

Also happens sometimes a remaining sentient; or whatever it is as i stopped caring at this point; just under the last bit of plateform(so you cant do anything about it) and will keep reseting the boss life to full. (another GREAT path finding here)

This leads to obvious resets after tens of minutes struggling with the "mEcHaNiCs" of this boss  "fInAl" phase.


also, non phase related buggs:

- his rockets won't hit you if you dont move on the plateform, or at least deal less than 100 dmg in few occasions(like the harrier on Modern Warfare 2, good old days) It may be related to the fact he is never facing me, as he looks at the void.

-he's able to cast electricity to cables exaclty where you are when you come close to him, making you fall even before the animation pops in. (where he normally just moves away when you get close enough)

-he is able to make you fall from the plateform but also kill you while falling, making you loop respawning in the void. (obligatory reset)

-he can stunlock you when he grabs and kill you then respawn and insta grab one to three time in a row, or just keeps grabing until last statement can happen.



It litteraly holds ALL the bugs that were encoutererd and memorable on this game(for me), i had no struggles anywhere else to be honest, this boss must be here to compensate all the great work done before. (i'm here since 2016, and i'll keep loving your game, just not that ***** boss)


Now i am more than sure that you can keep your whisp, im not wasting any more time and nerves on some content you obvioulsy did not spend the time necessary to make it work, because yes i've not even finished it once in all that time of play. (even with hotfixes or patch, i won't come back to it, as i've seen it's already supposed to be patched)

I can see you guys try to get out of the path and create new ways to make boss, i salute that and never really complained about it, you do you, but this is more than insulting to players, that content is obviously not finished, and yet you lock a frame behind mutliple runs of it.


Post scriptum*:i've done it everytime in solo. I do have records of most of those if required.

post scriptum**:I know i'm going to get comments like "i never had a problems doing it", it's not going to help the devs to get it done, nor help anything at all. I'm glad for you but its not the point.

Post scriptum***: sorry for the long post but i wanted it to be as complete as possible

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I don't think many are going to dispute the troubles with Bugalolyst.  I made a topic on this myself, but I'll back this one up too:

- Ropalolyst still gets stuck partway inside the top of the capacitors

- The Ropalolyst almost NEVER is properly centered on the plaftorm, and falls off ALL THE TIME. 

- As he said: on the 3rd phase, this makes it impossible to complete. 

Group or solo, doesn't matter. This particular boss fight essentially never works properly, and is impossible to complete more often than not.

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Came back to Warframe recently, gave it a shot, it is somehow less bugged, he falls less repetedly, and does not lock himself in a position where he can only fall in an infinite loop.

BUT i tried to circle as much as possible around him going from cover to cover, in order to keep him centered in the area, cleared add and then took my time to keep him centered while dpsing him down.

Still is bugged around the 3 blue things you have to charge but that part is managable if the boss can be killed in the end as before.

I manadged to farm the whole wisp set right after completing it (took around 10 runs without faliling a single one with that strat) and now I AM FREE TO NEVER COME BACK TO IT EVER AGAIN.

If you happen to read this, i wish you all the luck Tenno!

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