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Drop boosters and Steel Essence



I've been playing odin for SE farm for a few days, and I have been seeing a lot of variability in the steel essence drops. In every mission I played , I had a resource booster, and at least 1 member of the squad a drop chance booster (no smeeta for me). However, sometimes I get around 8-10 30 minutes in, other times its around 30. Spawn rates are roughly equal, and we always have a speedva with power donation + overextended. The only thing that differs is the number of drop chance boosters in the squad. Unfortunately I did not check which runs had 1 drop booster and which runs had more than 1.

I understand that some variability is standard. BUt that variability would be 10-30 SE at most. However, 1.5 hours in, there is a difference of 50-75 essence between my best and worst runs.

Some very high  MRs I have matched with have said that drop chance boosters for SE stack, based on experience. Now they aren't always right and the wiki says that drop chance boosters don't stack so I dismissed them at first, but now it for sure does feel like the the boosters stack, at least for SE.

Anyone having problems or similar experiences on their SE runs?

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