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How to make Grendel good (IMO)


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This is originally part of a reply from a separate forum post however, I believe it deserves its own standing so as to promote further discussion and brainstorming about the topic without saturating the mother-post which can be found here: 




It seems everybody has their own problems with Grendel personally I like the concept of him and his abilities and that doesnt need to change IMO but.... I feel the actual issue is that his abilities do NOT synergize with his one but are instead locked behind it (not to mention that his one just happens to be the only ability people find worth using in the first place).If I were to change him heres how i would go about it:


  • His passive is neat and all with the additional +50 armour for each enemy in his belly but lets give him a bit more of a push and let him have an additional 10% power strength for every enemy he has eaten stacking up to a cap of 75-90% additional power strength.
  • His 1 doesnt need to drain energy instead it makes Grendel move slower, the issue here is that his passive could essentially give him infinite armour so lets fix that by capping it at a maximum of 500 additional armour (not that anybody would want that since it should make him slow enough that he can barely move).
  • His 2 already costs 50 base energy to cast so its taxing enough on its own, but thankfully now that his 1 doesnt drain energy he can make use of it even more but lets just go a step further and remove the cycle from it, he can now get all of the buffs at once with a single cast thus making him an adequate support  (he can also get energy from energy pads since there is no drain 24/7).
  • His 3 is completely useless since his 1 already exists so lets instead make it an ability that just shoots out toxic volatile stomach acid without the need for enemies in your belly for high amounts of toxin damage and a status chance that scales with his power strength with 65% or so SC at base.
  • I never understood why his 4 ever required him to have enemies in his belly in the first place, it should simply do 0 damage with no enemies and deal increasing damage and be bigger with more AOE for every enemy in his belly ofc his jump height and handling could be reduced for each enemy in him so as to not instantly become an easy solution to his reduced speed.

This may seem too powerful at first but ill just remind you that Saryn, Mesa, Barukk,, Equinox, Khora, and Octavia still exist in this game and they can still effectively make Grendel look like hes out of the meta since ive made sure to apply somewhat hefty restrictions to his abilities and ofc the numbers could be shifted around a bit but I just want to talk about the concepts here and my main goal wasnt to make him stronger just have his abilities synergize and be more accessible and therefore more fun.

If you disagree with anything or have any feedback or such to add do let us know
But please do remember that what can be considered a good Warframe is mostly based on personal preference so dont go shooting down other peoples ideas without valid reasons uwu.

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