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This Necramech Affinity Vanishing Thing is Ridiculous


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I was super excited yesterday to finally pull my Voidrig Necramech out of the foundry. I know I'm late to the party, but ... now I get to partake in the affinity bugs that have apparently been plaguing other players all this time??

For hours, I've been running around on Orb Vallis trying to rank up my mech, and I keep LOSING AFFINITY. Even now, I'm getting frustrated wasting time trying to get from rank 26 to 30 and I keep losing my progress for no reason. The rank goes up, then it's back down again. Same with the Arquebex. I see its rank going all over the place. Multiple times now, I've had my rank up to 30, and then, after the mission or in my ship, it's down to 26 or something again.

I've been losing affinity by:

- Popping in and out of the Necramech to change locations

- Going through a host migration while piloting it

- Running around for a while killing guys, not having gains show up on the progress screen, then not seeing them afterwards

- And more random stuff. I don't even know.

I thought the worst of this was patched. I'm still trying to rank it up for the first time, and I have an affinity booster. Very frustrating. How am I supposed to forma it five times if I can't rank it up even once over hours of boosted play?

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