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Grineer Vs Corpus Event Gameplay Review


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I was hyped up when I heard about the Grineer and Corpus event a few days ago. When I started playing this morning, I was amazed by the transition from the Grineer Ship to Corpus ship and just to see the clash between two sides. Upon 50-60ish runs, I caught a few flaws upon release. One of the flaw was sometimes the NPCs won't spawn. It happens a few times and it took a while for them to show up. So a few of my team members have to run back to where we came from(not really the spawn point, but halfway through the map) until our NPC units eliminate them before running back to exit. 


Another problem I found is that the enemy NPCs would be out of the map. It happens once, where the enemy would get stuck underneath the map and start shooting from the floor. 


As for Lotus's dialogue, if we exterminate all the enemies on the ship, why is Lotus saying "heavy units approaching" even though they are already annihilated?


Last but not least, way before the actual fight between the Grineer and Corpus, both sides aren't even attacking(when I am too far from the battle), but when I get close, they are like "oh, the Tennos are here. Let's start fighting each other." It would be preferably best if the Grineer and Corpus have some distance to shoot each other or find cover while the Tennos rush to the scene. Basically, distance is very important so that while both fractions are ready, the opposing side or your team's side will rush to the scene and clash into battle. This is just one of my thoughts.


Pardon me if I have bad grammar. Thank you for putting so much time reading my post and please feel free to criticize or add a suggestion. I will copy and paste this on the General Discussion as well just in case.

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Things are strange when Corpus and Grineer meet. I have run into a room to see a Corpus crewman having a lovely little chat with a grineer scorcher only for the Corpus guy to run behind me (I support the Corpus) and then start to shoot the scorcher.

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*Forgot to mention* Why are the majority of the loots facing the wall? o_O 





This is annoying as all Hell.


I support the Corpus, which means my sentinel (Carrier) gets killed 5 seconds in, because Napalms are just OP. Half of the time, I can't pick up anything that comes out of chests, because the crap lands on the floor right in front of the chest and I can't get it.

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