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Necramech to Excalibur Umbra transference glitch


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Hi DE, I'm having this issue where when I'm in a Necramech and then use transference near Excalibur Umbra, I get stuck. You can shoot and do melee but you can't move.


I tried /unstuck or transference, using archwing or k-drive, but it doesn't work.

The only way to be free from it is if an enemy will strike you with an attack that will knock you back, but the chances of that happening is very slim and situational. 

I'm an Excalibur Umbra main and I use Excalibur in all my missions not to mention that the Necramechs are so cool 🙂

Anyway, I hope you can get a fix to this glitch on your future updates 🙂 great game, keep safe and more power 🙂



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