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Idea for Steel Path (or new type of content) - modded missions


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Imagine if missions difficulty could be tweaked by the player for increased rewards. Something like Gemcraft did with their endurance tests.

Missions would have mod slots like any frame or weapon, or parazon with mods such as 

  • mob multiplier (x2, x3, x4 or solo to full squad)
  • serration (x% bonus damage dealt by mobs)
  • elements (mobs deal bonus damage in a form of one of elements, like heat, corrosive, magnetic, etc)
  • tankier mobs (more shields, or armor or hp - all different mods, not 1 in all)
  • faster mob scalling
  • slower mob scalling
  • flat level increase
  • no ammo drops
  • no shields/energy/low hp (all nightmare types of missions)
  • reinforcements (in a form of arbitrations drones or whatnot)
  • enemy types or factions
  • environment hazards
  • etc etc

Each added mod adds or subtracts from multiplier which is used for mission end rewards. Multiplier could work on items, resources, mods, experience... just whatever.

Idea of this is to make our own environment while we play. Maybe add "farm mods" such as "each enemy drops 1 kuva/cryotic, but they have 50% more health" numbers-wise it could be hammered down. I'm just tossing an idea.

We have warframes with mods, weapons, hitman dirks-acting-as-hack-pendrives, operators, necramech and even spaceships. Even some missions already have modifiers (nightmares). I think we could expand on the idea and see how it goes.

This could be as just 1 node in Simaris Cephalon in all honesty. Highly cistomizable ESO type of mission, but with rewards.

And to make the deal sweeter DE could make us unlock modifiers by doing various challenges first. They love when players grind their butts off, so here's big eye candy right infront of them. 

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