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Make Sentinels Immune To Napalm Fireblasts.


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What's the point of even HAVING a Sentinel when it is GUARANTEED to die in the first 5 seconds of combat, because Napalm Blasts are almost impossible to avoid, and kill the sentinels very quickly?


It is bad enough that all chests face the wall (many items land on the ground between the chest and the wall making them impossible to grab without Carrier's Vacuum), but it also sucks that it is impossible to use sentinels in Grineer missions anymore, because......BLAM. they die the first time you see one of the 20+ Napalms in a mission.


Since you guys apparently refuse to nerf the impossible-to-dodge splash damage, could you at least make sentinels immune to it so that we can actually use our sentinels in these battles?


EDIT: I don't even have an attack precept set on mine because I got tired of it dying in other non-grineer missions. And it STILL dies within the first room or two, even though it didn't touch anything at all.

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Make sentinels immune to all enemy AoE effects, direct hits only. I think that's a fair tradeoff considering how flimsy they are.


Yeah this is a fairly common practice in MMOs when it comes to pet-type npcs.

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