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Possible Lag Induced Steel Path Reward Duplication


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Just finished up the final node of Mars (Steel Path) and was greeted by two separate instanced of "Connection Interrupted" upon extraction. One during the loading screen & a second one just as I had made it back into the orbiter. When my connection stabilized I realized I had two of the inbox Messages from Teshin for completing Mars, with two sets of the rewards. Two of the trophy were confirmed in my inventory, but as I don't know how much Steel Essence I had before the mission I don't know if I received the double amount of those as well. It's likely but I'm still uncertain. The situation is so niche and even if someone were to attempt to trigger it purposefully it could only be triggered once per planet, but I figured that I should report the bug regardless.0532EA4318053BA9FA18704BBFC5DCAF5D1DFE16


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