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Untradable mods


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For some reason, the Simaris mods [Detect Vulnerability], [Energy Generator] and [Botanist] are NOT tradable, even if I have multiple copies (as required for mods with the Penjaga/precept polarity).

Meanwhile, [Ambush], [Negate], [Reawaken] and [Looter] work as intended.

It is worth noting that between yesterday and today I've managed to sold 1x[Detect Vulnerability] (yesterday) and 5x[Energy Generator] (3x today)


Reason behind is unknown, but at the moment I lack the ability to trade AND to get a rank0 from simaris (not enough reputation).

Selecting multiple instances of the same mod will return as many messages of "Unique copies of abilities cannot be traded".

Selecting 6x copies of [Detect Vulnerability] will return 6x messages after the "Offer item" is selected.


Images uploaded & linked below

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Wow soon we are closing in on the 4th anniversary (of my bug report on 2017).
There is basically no reason for a mod to have any restriction in trading. I don't think it would really make to much of an effort to get rid of these trade issues once and for all but if no DE personnel notices this post most likely not going to be fixed (also I wouldn't call it a priority).

Maybe: @[DE]Rebecca

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