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No forgiveness from DE



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Hi there @MistressMoonpaw^^
As Dark_Lugia already said: You should probably just ask a Forum-Mod if they can remove your warning points (provided you learned a little bit over the last 5 years...hopefully you did 😄)
I know from other players that mods can remove older warning points. It is worth a try!

Sooooo...yea, oh. I have one more quick thing so you/this thread might get a little bit more attention:
(one of the points you can select when reporting a post...normally...well..let's just say It is not the most frequently used option for me personally 😅)
Maybe this helps a little bit, who knows.


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I think you used to be able to sometimes get really old ones removed if you asked nicely, but I don't know if that's still the case anymore. If the mod who gave you them is still around you could try pming them and asking nicely maybe. 

I think it had/has to do with how bad the warning was/what it was for, how many you have, over what period of time, etc, as to whether they might remove it or not. I don't think they ever expired automatically but I could be wrong. I think you always had to ask. 

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Warning points are supposed to expire but old ones could be permanent.  Policy changed a while back when they realised that permanent points didn't really work with the game lasting longer than they had thought it would.  You should be able to get them removed by a mod if they are over a year old and haven't been removed automatically.


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Maybe you should really ask a Mod or the Support?


3 warnings points = 3 day suspension + 30 day moderation queue.
4 warnings points = 7 day suspension + 1 year moderation queue.
5 warnings points= permanent suspension (forum ban).

*Warning points are automatically removed after a year from when it was first issued. Keep in mind that warnings are used as reminders to participate respectfully on the Forums. If unable to do so, you will receive additional warnings and potentially face the restrictions listed above.

- https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/

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There are two types of warning that can be issued to a user (both are only visible to the user in question and the forum moderation team, which means that if you receive a warning or warning point(s), other users will not be able to see them).

Verbal warnings are, as the name implies, verbal in nature and do not carry an actual warning point. These are used as a proverbial slap on the wrist to tell a user to avoid such behaviors or activities, and is usually issued to very minor rule offenses that does not warrant a full point.

Normal warnings in the other hand issue a warning point; too many active warning points will result in posting restrictions on your forum account (if you reach 5 active points, it results in a permanent ban from the forums). Warning points expire 1 year after their issue, after which point the warning that they had been issued from becomes a Verbal Warning--the warning will still exist in your forum record, but it will not contribute towards your active warning points or towards forum/posting restrictions due to 3/4/5 warning points.

The warning point expiration after 1 year was not implemented until several years into the forum's existence, so it's possible that you may have active warning points from before this warning point restructuring (legacy warning points). If you have a warning point that has been on your account for longer than 1 year that hasn't expired, you should reach out to a moderator with a private message to discuss its removal.

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