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Will anything more happen with the Kuva Lich system?


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The Kuva Lich system is enjoyable as a story-ish driven boss fight, but do you guys think we are going to be doing anything else with them?

I've converted 5 Badass kuva liches that I want to fight with, not watch as they get some exercise in a mission for two minutes, so do you guys think we will ever see them do more? If it's still around Shadow of War system, will we ever be able to command them in missions or even in all out war (command tab in railjack intrinsics?)?

And do you think we will ever be able to somehow sacrifice some of our Kuva Liches for their gear, if we don't want them anymore? 

I know a lot of this is borrowed from the Nemesis system (SoW), but I really want a continuation on the system because so much could be done with it!

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I'm hopeful we get a lich(+corpus/infested variant if there) PVP where we can take them in and fight other players. But if this doesn't come I'm not bothered (mostly because I can never find a conclave match)

Lich missions where we control liches would be cool too.

And from what I was told (Not sure if accurate) they might be tied into the command feature of railjack that's planned.

They are working on some improvements on liches at the moment as well, but I'd assume it's more to do with how they're fought than the above mentioned. 

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Did they have any 'experimental content' not be abandoned? When was the last time operator saw some action, conclave, archwing. You sense a major overhaul coming to railjack? No?

Really only fishing and mining rock was continously pushed, I suspect for catching so much flak, someone took it personally and decided to gate the rest of the game behind it at gunpoint, out of spite.

Seems like someone is enjoying playing with new ideas of what they want for the game - even though, they don't play it, rather than going back and make stuff viable.

Which I am okay with, just if we can admit it's left behind content, they shouldn't gate items behind hated gameplay as fake content.

I think people want to want, to engage with the parkour system, the combat, maybe an actual version railjack but everything short of that is just smelling your own socks after a marathon.

So from the developers' perspective, going back and spending time on content with spent timegates, is time away from adding new timegates, knowing the only validity of the content was the timegates, not actually just playing the content.

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