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Rewards Kind Of One-Sided?


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Loving the new map structures in the event and the voice acting. One thing that bothers me however is the battle reward. How can we expect to draw out the true feelings of the Tenno when you make them choose between 4 MM's and a pocketful of credits? Looking back at a few of the Grineer victories earlier before, you can see the Grineer have clearly smashed the Corpus. Why? The Corpus were stuck with credits while the Grineer rolled the dice and got rare materials that are expensive to make. IMO, the rewards should have been tiered. Something like Grineer offering 4 Injectors and the Corpus offering 4 Fieldrons or what happened earlier today when the Grineer offered a reactor and the Corpus offered a catalyst. Admit it, 3/4 of the community probably cares less who wins and just wants the best reward. Why not just even out the rewards so people actually have to choose, giving you the best representation of the community's opinions?

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Really think DE should switch the roles the next few days first.


As in Give corpus some rare mats, and give Grineer Credits.


Its already unfair as hell towards corpus/

unfortunately that's not gonna work. people, especially clans will refuse to switch side as it will diminish their previous effort.

unless DE had some smart strategy i dont think DE made this event correct

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