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So Is This Event Permanent?


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Will the lore from this event and the changing of mission be peramnent forever? If the Grinner win will Mars be changed to a Grinner planet? Where will Nef Anyo go? Im just curious as to the lore impact of this event.


Glory to Ruk, by the way, death to Corpus scum.

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I am assuming that everything will be back to normal. We will have an after event and go murder the side that won. I trust that both sides will backstab us as soon as we do not have aligned goals anymore. After all, it is the logical thing to do, in the end we are both faction's greatest threat. This alliance is just a convenience. Also whoever lost, will have the opportunity to go nuts and take revenge upon the strengthen forces of the side that won.


Just a wild guess though.


Edit : I think this event is really awesome and I would very much like it to be permanant. An unending struggle between all factions and then, us, in the middle trying to keep the balance as best we could and shift our allegiances to suits the Lotus own personal agenda that could be developped further each events.

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Sounds like it'd be an awesome idea. To be honest, I love the new mission type. Rollers and scorches don't kill me anymore! And there's lotsa things to kill.

But maybe... the last fight of the event will be a fight against Alad V. The Zanuka project. And after you beat it... maybe we'll find that it's our new, lovely flower of a berserker frame!

Plot twist. Whoooo.

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