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Weapon switching and melee combos/parry


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Hi there, for some context I've been back to warframe for a few days after a two-ish years long pause.


As a melee enthousiast, the first thing I noticed is how much melee gameplay has evolved. And I really think it's become even better than before (just a bit sad about life strike but that's another story).


BUT (there is a but), I just can't get my head around those weird key bindings to switch from one weapon to the other.


My main issues are 

- I always risk going back to my primary/secondary when performing parry combos

- I can't actively parry if I have primary/secondary on the mission

- I can't wall-latch or air-glide without switching back to primary/secondary

- It's too confusing to accurately switch between weapon (for example : I'm on primary, I switch to melee pressing [melee]. If I want to switch back to primary, I have to press [parry] without attacking, because [switch weapon] and [switch gun] will swap to my secondary... How is that any logical ???)


There are currently a few buttons involved in weapon swapping and melee : (melee equipped - gun equipped)

- [melee] : hit with melee - equip melee and hit

- [switch gun] : equip secondary if last gun equipped was primary and inverse equip secondary if last gun equipped was primary and inverse

- [switch weapon] equip secondary if last gun equipped was primary and inverse equip secondary if last gun equipped was primary and inverse

- [heavy melee] : hit with heavy melee does nothing

- [aim] : parry combo if attacking, if not switch to last equipped gun - aim down sight

- [shoot] : hit with melee - shoot equipped gun


What I'd like to have :

- [melee] : equip melee and hit

[switch gun] [primary] : switch to primary weapon

[switch weapon] [secondary] : switch to secondary weapon

[heavy melee] : hit with heavy melee - quick melee (hold parry/aim for parry combos)

- [aim] : parry - aim

- [shoot] hit with melee - shoot equipped gun


Imo this setup would :

- provide every option and feature the current system has

- remove all ambiguity around primary/secondary swapping

- remove all redundancies of weapon swapping

- prevent randomly swapping out of melee


I know I haven't talked about stuff like glaive + secondary, or how last gun and melee swap instantly, but imo those points are perfectly compatible with the system I'm talking about.

Tell me if I've missed something.


EDIT : After some thoughts, I realized that even if this solution is miles better than the current one imo, it doesn't really fit the "gun/melee mode" philosophy warframe currently has. I think giving the option to replace ...

-  [primary] with [switch to current gun]

- [secondary] with [switch to holstered gun]

... would give the players the option of following this philosophy


Also !!! Be it for the current system or the one I thought of, we need a "currently equipped gun indicator" showing which weapon you can hotswap to from melee.

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The system's simpler than you're making it out to be.


When you have a gun equipped, pressing your melee key will cause you to soft-swap to melee. Firing the weapon or aiming down sights will switch back to the gun. Think of it as half-equipping

Tapping weapon swap will switch your gun. Holding it will swap you to melee fully. You have access to parrying in this state, which differs from the half-equipped melee auto-parry as it blocks all damage rather than only part of it.

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1 - You're proving my point, this [swap weapon] is so non-intuitive that I didn't even realize I could "hard-swap" to melee using it.

Actually, the fact that you can stand there doing nothing, with your melee weapon in hand, BUT it could be either semi or fully equipped is actually extremely bad in terms of context comprehension. I should know what's going to happen if I press [parry] beforehand. And that's currently not the case.


2 - I don't "make it out to be complex", the reality of the current system is that there is only one button with a "consistent behaviour", the melee button.

Having contextual buttons is a good thing, when the context is easy to keep track of, i.e when you have no doubt about what pressing this button will do.

And sadly, the current system does a bad job at this.

You know why in all fps games most decent players bind each weapon to a different key ? Simply because they don't want to have to think about anything other than "to have this weapon in my hands, I press this button".

Imagine a counter strike player running with his knife, 15s left before bomb explodes, one terrorist left on site. He swaps weapon, peeks, aim and... it's not his AWP, it's his USP. Boom he gets wrecked because the terrorist had his AK in hand, and his poor USP isn't ever going to kill fast enough.

If only mister CT had a button to directly select his primary weapon instead of "swapping to last used gun"...

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