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Thank you for the new Venus regular missions Skybox


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The new skybox on Venus missions looks neat, and especially those Orokin "spears" look mysterious (always wondered what those are).

Its nice to see updated skyboxes now and then. Some are pretty great, and others were, indeed, out of date.

Thanks again DE ^^


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I agree. I don't really enjoy warframe as I prefer more immersive space-sim games, and those skyboxes reminded me of the original counter strike.
I like it when I feel like I'm in an actual place on the planet, doing something significant, not killing the clones of the same enemies over and over only for the reward. I mean sure, that's just how the game is but, the game has a lot of story elements to make you more invested in the story and the lore of the game.
When you're just after specific alerts that come out of nowhere and it doesn't make you feel any different or out of place when you modify your greatsword to look like a peener, and colour yourself completely pink or cosplay as pepsi-man, and the game is also trying to portray you as a war-machine of unspeakable power with a mind-set that's incomparable due to our nature of awakening, it kinda feels odd.

Imagine if Borderlands 2's stories were all about the horrors of trying to survive in such a place, filled with bandits and murderers who just accept it as is, ending someone else's life that could be so much more...
And then it makes you fight 2 midgets who yell "BANANA".

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