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Mirage Chassis Blueprint nowhere to be found.


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I've been putting this off, and I think I've done that for long enough as-is. So, let me explain:

I "recently" came back to Warframe, a few weeks before Deimos's release. Primarily because the Helminth system sounded like a very interesting addition. So, I went in, did my business, farmed for the segment, and built it. One by one, I began subsuming some of the frames that I had hanging around and completing some of the frame missions I still had to do. One of the was Mirage's. Now, I'd already started that mission. I don't recall when exactly, but it was before Fortuna was released. Nevertheless, I picked it up again.

My objective, as described by the mission, was to "Craft Mirage's Chassis with your Blueprint". In my inventory, I could see the Neuroptics and Systems already built, so I figured I was supposed to build the Chassis. I go to the foundry and look for it, but the Chassis BP isn't there. I go back to Navigation, the Mission tab, and click on Mirage's, just in case I was supposed to go to a node beforehand. Nothing happened. I clicked on it a few more times, and still nothing. So, I close the game, open it up, and double check. The Chassis BP still isn't there, the bult Chassis isn't there, and clicking on the Hidden Messages mission on the Navigator takes me nowhere, whether it's active or otherwise.

In other words, I cannot get Mirage. I can't get her blueprints from Simaris, because I haven't completed her quest, and I can't complete her quest because I don't have the blueprint that I need.

Any ideas on things I could try/things I should do/people I should contact?

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