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Command Link NSW




In Nintendo switch I’m trying to use the command link intrinsic, but I don’t know what key trigger this.

I use in the past the right button in the cross (I don’t remember very well), but after the last upgrade of rail jack I can’t use it. I used a lot this option in the past, see a map of the railjack and a series of points to  teleport to.

I’m trying to press al keys in the pad but nothing work.

thanks for the help.


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Ah. Sorry about that; I misread your question.

To activate it, hold the R button, then press the Left button on your Joy-Con or press left on the + Control Pad if you're using a Pro Controller.

To use it, simply hover over the diamond you want to teleport. When the diamond is orange, press the A button on your controller so you can teleport to that section of your Railjack.

Hope that helps you out.

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4 minutes ago, (NSW)Rafa-el said:

Oh thanks, I must hold the r button before the left on the +.

this is new.

tomorrow I will try it.

If I remember correctly, this has work like this since day one, but I could be wrong.

If this doesn't work for you, it may be possible that you either may hav accidentally changed the setting in the Controller remapping options or the game may have done so accidentally. In either case, you can go to the Main Menu, select Options > Customize Controller > Railjack, and then press the Y button in order to reset the controls to the default options.

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