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weird operator bug (didnt know what it was till now) + the infected rooms door didnt load on the orbiter


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after i left the room i hit record, sorry i didnt hit record sooner, https://youtu.be/-hQosJia9RM

i dont know what happened but heres a list of what i was doing
(i also dont know what an operator is/does its just what FL4K and rob called it)
1 recolored some things with Psiv color pack (ship weapons taxon and rhino)
2 walked around for a bit
3 went back to switch to mag to see if i could walk through the door that wasnt loading (mag cant open it because it didnt have the wart)
4 slid forward out of the arsenal and the screen went black got a loading freeze and was in the operator room and looked human with a weird hood
5 in the room were white looking stems coming out the back of a "chair" and i could interact with it, "focus", i didnt because they said it was one hell of a spoiler and i couldnt open the door to leave the room
6 fast traveled to nav from the menu
7 then i saw my mag model without animation standing where i got the loading freeze to the other room
it had no collision and changed when i changed my warframe in the arsenal to rhino the model switched as well
8 went to a mission and it had loaded my last used warframe (mag) 

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