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Mining Thaumica on Deimos


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The droprate for Thaumica ("rare" alloy on Deimos) from mining is so abysmally low compared to other rare alloys and gems that the only explanation for the cause (aside from DE directly influencing droprate) is a bug in the system.

I mined only red nodes on both PoE and Fortuna for half an hour each (no smeeta but boosters on) and got ~ 110 Auron and 140 Hesperon respectively, far more rare alloys than I would get on Deimos in twice the time. This has been going on for several weeks by now.

When I looked it up I saw people recommending doing the Pylons for Thaumica instead. Pylons are supposed to be a less stressfull and complicated way of getting resources onf the Cambian Drift but they are absolutely not intended to be the "best" (= fastest) way of getting fish drops or alloys/gems because that would defeat the whole purpose of mining/fishing in the first place. And yet it seems to not only be a less complicated way of getting Thaumica in particular but also the fastest because rolling the rng material table is for some reason just that much faster than the direct approach.

And lastly I am not the only person experiencing this issue. Check the comments in the wiki, ask in global or Q&A chat or question clan mates: All complain about the droprate of this particular alloy. And even if you do vaults, the other secondary way of getting mats on Deimos you probably won't get any Thaumica but you'll swim in gems and other metals.

Now I know that RNG is RNG, I'm sure that some people got all the Thaumica in 5 nodes but please be aware that the large amount of complaints on this particular alloy must have a good reason.



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Last time I checked, Thaumica acquisition was fairly normal. RNG is going to RNG. I can spend an hour and get sweet F-all Hesperon too, depending on the day.


We'll also need to see what the results after Deimos Arcana are in terms of proportional requirement. Obviously, if you need half as much Thaumica for the same amount of common ores over all the crafting costs as compared to the Auron or Hesperon demands relative to their own respective commons, then it's not actually a problem if it is less prevalent from nodes (and even less of a concern since Pylons and uncommon crates can supply extra).


Problem with the Vaults is that they only drop common gems (out of all the mining resources) from the crates now. I feel like they originally dropped everything, though. Would be very nice if those tables were expanded(/reverted?) to cover more Cambion Drift side-task resources.

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