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No fish spawning



Ok so since yesterday morning, UK time, no fish have spawned for me.


No bait works, changing location (open worlds, affects all 3, plains, vallis and deimos), going in and out of them to the hubs, switching to weapons then to the spears (yes, I have more than one, none work).

I've even tried having other players join me, and while they can fish and benefit from my bait, I do not.


This is becoming a real issue for me as I need to fish for standing and glassmaker challenges.


Can anyone help me, please?

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My friend and I have had this problem before. For me, it was a graphics problem. The fish were there, I just couldn't see them. Which was odd, since I hadn't changed any settings or hardware. What I did to fix this, was reset my in game graphics settings, and then I closed the game and from the launcher I verified and then optimized the files. They were there next time I played.

Regarding my friend, (this happened to him more than once) they just simply didn't spawn for him. Wasn't a graphics problem. It was just buggy. One time, it fixed itself after a day. The other time, it turned out - using the bait was causing the problem. 

Good luck Tenno!

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Great.. something to look forward to on console lol....   

Maybe they are just futzing around under the hood for arcana ???  


Deimos has that big ravine down the middle of the map,  There is a massive sprawling cave system on both sides of the ravine....  the caves on the NW side of ravine have NEVER spawned fish....  

After getting most stuff from deimos I cant bring myself to go back.   I need 3 more fish trophies and I want some fish for my fish tanks.   Even with this bug you guys are talking about my motivation is low lol......

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I went fishing last night (no trophy fish :( ).  The one side of ravine caves is still broken.   The other side worked perfectly fine.....

But im on ps4 so....    

First time I been fishing since they supposedy improved things....  I dont see much of a difference... It feels kind of worse than before....  the fish seem to spawn one at a time, slowly.   So like before you are sitting around waiting.   (atleast that was my experience in caves..)

I baught a ton of bait for Myx tho and im gonna get that fish trophy next time....  


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