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What others said, but I feel like adding some specifications/advices since I suppose you are a very new player if you are asking this.

The main great and easy way to farm plat is selling Prime Parts you get from relics. To do this you can farm the relics themselves in certain nodes, and you can google the best place to farm a certain relic type(meso/lith/neo/axi), there are always many great and updated guides.

But you can also simply play the game and see if you come across any relic, or even buy relic packs from syndicates for standing (20k standing for a 3 random relics pack).

Once you have your relics you can either :

1) Go on public, hop in a fissure mission and use them as they are hoping for the best, which is what I initially recommend. Low effort, you can level stuff while you do this, if you are lucky and get a rare part you get some nice plat, if not list even low price stuff on Warframe Market and on the long run you will have a steady income when people buy that stuff.

2) Upgrade the relics to radiant and do what people call a Rad Share (which means that you go in recruit chat and make a group of people all with the same radiant relic, for example 4 people each using a Radiant AxiA1). Doing this you increase the probability to find the specific uncommon and rare drops from that relic, which usually sell for better plat. If you choose to do this, make sure to look at all the relics you have and check the price on Warframe Market for the rare parts, consequently doing Rad Shares for parts that sell for a good price. But please keep in mind that not always you will find people to do a specific radshare, usually during peak hours you will but it may take even 20 minutes to assemble a party if the relic is unpopular. Usually a lot of people will do radshares when new primes release, what I recommend is to keep an eye on the recruit chat and just see if you have the relics to join a party instead of hosting it yourself.

Other than that  you can sell rare mods if you find them(in extra copies. Remember to keep your rare mods for yourself, when I wad new I did the mistake of selling my first rare mods and then spent a lot of time farming them when I realized I needed them for my own warframes and weapons. 100% not worth on the long run.) or it that's your kind of thing you can focus on breeding Kubrows and Kavats to sell imprints. I used to do it a lot, you can make some serious good plat but it requires a lot of effort, time to understand the system/prices and actual breeding time. You gotta reallly like it to do it, it's not the most efficient way.

Hope it helps!

If you have questions, don't worry and ask.

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