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Eden Knights - Recruiting, Ts And Stream Included


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Hello Tennos,


we're the Eden Knights.

We have been around for a while but never really been all that big.

Our core consists of around 10 very active rank 8-12 members.

Naturally, we have all researches and all the buildings we want, since they're not all that expensive and we all have tons of farm.
Most of us gather in teamspeak once we're online, no matter if we're playing Warframe, another game or nothing at all.

There are 3 Warlords tagADDICT, Hideorecape and me, eXXaXion.

I'm also the one streaming everything I play.
You can find us and the stream at:


But you can also just apply on here, if you meet the following requirements:
- Rank 6 or at least very knowlegeable about the game

- Rank 3 works also, provided you're a skilled gamer

- Fluent English

- Somewhat mature

- Willing to use TS or at least join so you can hear us

And most importantly:
- Be nice

- Get to know us first

For the last part you can talk to us on stream chat or in our forum.


Hope to see you soon;




Eden Knights / eXXaXion



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What I'm looking for: A reasonably mature group of gamers willing and able to group up and play. Active group as well, I'm usually playing through the night hours Eastern time zone US. Start around 6 or so, maybe earlier, and usually sign off in the morning maybe 5 to 7 am. Yeah I know, way too much gaming, right? No such thing. At the moment I am completely addicted to Warframe, but I also like playing other games as well, so a VOIP server is great, allows us all to maintain contact when and if there's something we all might be interested in doing in game. If all this sounds OK, like we might be a good fit for each other, I'd be interested in joining the clan. Send me a friend request in game, or whatever, let me know if there's any interest. 



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