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Please Make Invasion A New Game Type.


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first of all...


More enemy in 1 map

Friendly Grineer/Corpus can hack door (it's stupid if they can't even hack they own base).

Follow you in a respecting distant.

(especially Grineer) No Tenno Racist line, such as "Tenno Scum"; "quasy Tenno....ATTTACKKKKK"...ect...ect...

Can revive you (i dunno about this, sound great though).


ok so i got 4 option:

Option 1: enemies/friendly unit spam countless inside a each other ship, our job it's to go to the Reactor=> destroy the other ship Reactor => get out of it in time => then the enemies ship explore massively=> go to Extraction.


Option 2: the map display all 2 side army population, but the enemies had bigger amount of unit, so we have to kill all of them before they do the same to us


Option 3: It's a 5 wave of massive defend mission, where we need to help the Grineer/Corpus to deal with a massive amount of enemies each wave.


Option 4: we star the game with a small amount of Grineer/Corpus unit, co-op with them to go on a long way => recruit more Grineer/Corpus along the way => Kill the enemies squad along the way => march to they base => blow it up with all we got=> Extraction here we go :D


so...what option will you guy choose or you got anything better to add ?

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