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Some keybinds doesn't work during eidolon hunts (teralyst only hunts and tridolon hunts)


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So uhm just like the title says some parts of my keyboard doesn't work during eidolon hunts. It happened to me 5 times today using Trinity Prime (all 5 games with her) and the bug happens when I press a lot of keys (changing from warframe form to operator form and using skills, all things that you do with Trinity in an eidolon hunt) when the bugs happens it restricts me from using my skills(1,2,3,4), My firebutton (both m1 and m2) and also the chat and menu key (T and esc respectively) I also can't revive myself when downed(X) . All I can use is my gear menu (Q), movements keys (wasd) and I can eject myself from archwing using E but can't use my melee with it (E is my melee button). For extra info I have a keyboard connected via bluetooth, The bug usually goes when I get knocked or it will just go away in a matter of minutes even when I get knocked several times. I recorded a gameplay on my last encounter with the bug, on the video you can hear me smashing my keyboard trying to press 1,2 and my melee button and I spammed X when i got knocked but nothing happened(I got revived by that nezha a lot during that session), the video also shows how i can use the archwing but can't double shift for the boost. I hope this gets fixed but for the meantime im not gonna do eidolon hunts to avoid causing inconvinience to other players for the time being :(. Here's the vid, thanks and have a good day.


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