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Sticky icky cobwebs


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Okay so, look. The spinneret ephemera is *cool* and all, and I *love* it, but. I made my webs, acid green. That stands out. Now hear me out here.

when you apply an ephemera to one look on your warframe, it should *not* stick to *all* other warframes, and looks for them. And yes, the humor in this is not lost on me. Let me explain as best I can.

When you apply the Spinneret Ephemera to one of your warframe’s preset looks, it will *not* only refuse to be removed, no matter what ephemera you change it to, effectively “sticking” to your warframe, *but*...

no matter what other look you change to, A, B, C, D, E, doesn’t matter, or even if you *change* warframes. It doesn’t matter if you had another ephemera on them or not, the Spinneret Ephemera will *follow* you, sticking onto *all* your warframes, *overlapping* the preexisting ephemera you had on them. This effectively gives you two ephemeras, and look, I love the spinneret ephemera, but this is ridiculous. Please help me get all these extra sticky cobwebs off my warframes? Please? Dear god? I’m tired of switching to my green acid inaros with the spinneret ephemera on it, and going to like, my orange fire breathing chroma, only to find my *orange*. chroma covered in *green* cobwebs! Please make sure the game doesn’t register this ephemera on literally everything, when I only set it to be on specific looks and warframes.

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