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Keyboard and mouse sensitivity on ps4 is really slow


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Same issue, which makes it impossible to play without a controller. :'( While we're at it, can we get full keyboard support? Please?

I'm losing access to Warframe, and I am honestly pretty upset.

I am in a very unique situation. I play Warframe with my spouse on PS4. Because I am blind and she can see, we have a setup that allows her to control the game via keyboard and mouse whilst I still use controller. That way, she can move and shoot and such, and I get to do melee and abilities.

Warframe has been so special to us. We even had the "Second Dream" theme play at our wedding when we walked back up the aisle, newly wed. We have spent over 760 hours in the past year on the game, and we adore it.

Then, the hot fix hit PS4. Whatever it was fixing, it wasn't worth what we lost. Up 'til now, the mouse has worked just fine, but after this update, it is unusable outside of menus. We tried adjusting settings, different mouses, and so on/forth. But all to no avail.

Without this, we cannot play together. Our accessibility setup only works on PS4, and even if we just switched to PC, we'd lose all our time and progress. I know this may sound silly to some people, but my heart genuinely aches, more for my spouse than for me. I love Warframe, but this game connected with her in such a special and wonderful way. She found true joy and magic in playing this game, and our time spent enjoying it together has been some of our most wonderful bonding. To lose all of that, just because of one hot fix update, is honestly really upsetting for us both. I just want to fix it somehow, more for her than anything, as I know the prospect of restarting on PC is nothing short of profoundly sad for her. I'm just unable to do anything to fix this, and it pains me to have this game, this experience, snatched away so abruptly. I am sorry for the rant, I just wanted to vent, and hope someone besides us will know how much this game meant to us, and how much this loss hurt.

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hello, a question already knows something about if it is being resolved?

En 16/11/2020 a las 20:23, CrashWish dijo:

I cant login with my ps4 account for some reason, but this is true for me too after patching to 1.92.

Mouse sensitivity is really low, even setting it to 100, its still unplayable :(


Great game, thank you devs


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