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Experience bug to upgrade to Mastery 30

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I currently have all the equipment items (including necramech) and I thought I was missing new things to gain mastery, but my friend's profile (Leaserresael) shows that he has 126k of companion experience, while I have 592 / 592 I have 114k

With the experience that does not appear to me (11,998 is the rest and 12,000 is the one that does not count) I should be able to go up in mastery, but despite having everything tempered and raised to level 30 I lack experience

i send 2 tickets on english and spanish 1 week ago and they didn't answer me


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.. you have glitched out predasites and / or vulpaphylas due to a corrupted end of mission(s) ... this leads to leveled then gilded then releveled and still no mastery (all for naught)...

 they show up as mastered in your profile but not in your codex as being mastered !

look out for them and redo them from ground up , sorry ....


its easy to tell you need as non-founder 126k Companion mastery which you dont have.

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