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Transference to other's warframes


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Make it possible to control warframes of other people. Why it can be useful except of fun?

1. Someone need to go afk but he is core role like main damage dealer, and you are passive warframe who press 1 button once per minute. So you can tell him to leave his warframe and you can transference into it.

2. You are new player and wonder to build a warframe and you don't know if it's good, but your friend have one. So you can ask him to try it.
Or you can test builds, or rivens in simulacrum (before buy).

Or other...

Surely you should have full equipment of other's warframe(all mods, skills, weapons).

Also you should stick to your own warframe. If you leave your warframe, transference to other warframe then leave it, and hit 5 you should get your own warframe to not finding around all map where you lost it.

Also make a setting to allowing to control your warframe, like: Nobody can control it, only friends, only clan members, alliance members, and anybody.

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this is an incredible idea and apparently it seems to be simple, after loading the configuration/player in squad/map it can be available for use by everyone inside the host, technically the warframe is a vehicle for tenno

I would like to drop weapons for players to try. problems?  someone do not return my equipment

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1 hour ago, xombob89 said:

Not gonna happen. 

I can already see some platinum farmers controlling 3 other peoples warframes for payment to farm whatever. :D

Indeed. Or just having an alt account running on a PC that's at another IP address to trade things and try and avoid the banhammer from trading. This would be difficult and wasteful of dev time to implement and opens up too many cans of worms.

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