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"Show me your Christmas spirit" Art Event


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𝓢𝓱𝓸𝔀 𝓶𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼 𝓢𝓹𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓽
 Christmas Event


Today I am here to present a very holly jolly opportunity to share your artistic abilities with the rest of the community with some amazing goodies to be won, want to join? well this is what you have to do!

Anyone can participate in this event.

Christmas Cheer / Spirit

You must draw your tenno/warframe/NPCs/ETC showing their Christmas cheer/spirit. You can draw them all wearing Christmas sweaters, Building a snowman, A scene from your favorite Christmas movie or maybe something more heartfelt you wish to share as a tradition. Really show the true meaning of Christmas with your fellow tenno!

Submission Deadline: December 31th 11pm CST
[Judging will take at least 7 days or less and will be posted on the forums and Twitter]

General Rules
❖ Remember that golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. 
❖ Please be polite and do not antagonize others.
❖ Any Media can be used [Animation, comic, Traditional]
❖ You can post your submission on social medias.
❖ If your file is huge, please put it in spoiler or Link so it doesn't clutter the forums.

[For plat, this will be traded in game so you must have enough credits for tax trade!]


1st Place

  • 5,000 Plat from Kinzok
  • Rhino Prime set from DasGanon
  • 500 Plat from DasGanon
  • [Deciding on prize] from Halostar

2nd Place

  • 1,500 Plat from Kinzok
  • Rhino Prime set from DasGanon
  • 250 Plat from DasGanon
  • [Deciding on Art prize] from DatLoon

3rd Place

  • 750 Plat from Kinzok
  • Fullybody/Colored Chibi from Makoto_Nihil
  • Rhino Prime set from DasGanon 
  • Atlas Prime set from DadMusashi

Accepting donations for Prizes [Wishlist, Art, Plat, Booster, ETC.] Feel free to DM on twitter @WF_artproject



Remember that each Judge is different and may not think the same way about your entry. We will announce our thoughts on the winners pieces.


Will the prizes be on all platforms?
Any in-game prizes will be on PC but can discuss later on

Can I do a Collab with a friend and if yes how will the prizes be split?
You can do a Collab. Splitting the prizes is still up in the air depending on the donations of prizes.

Is Captura okay?
Yes it's allowed also with some edits to your piece, We want every media in this as possible.

I want to help with this event, how can I help?
Just DM @WF_artproject with what you want to donate either it be art, a little bit of plat, Wishlist item maybe a resource booster

I want to offer a drawing but what can I do?
You, the artist can choose what to give to the winner and which slot, are you going to be doing it for all 3 or just 1st and 2nd. But also keep an eye on your priorities first cause I know the holidays are busy time so don't push yourself to make a big BIG piece. Just something in your comfort zone and know you'll have time for.


I will try my beset to answer questions in the forums

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Kinzok: Medyss piece is very colorful and seeing everyone putting up Christmas decorations really hit home because due to covid there wasn't that much to do but seeing this warmed me up and reminds me of joys Christmas back than.

DasGanon: I love the color and all of the little details like the limbo top hat or the scintilant in the stocking. (I NEED MORRRRRE)

Debbysheen_: loved the style and the colors, is really cute, very comfy scenario

CleoNaturin: such a lovely cute and painterly artstyle, very fitting for the jolly spirit

IIVeronesi: I... love... the artstyle! It's so comfy and nice and wholesome and unique as hell I just love everything about it. It has this wholesome family vibe to it and the crayon like, pastel colouring just makes me happy, good job on that!






Kinzok: It really brought out a chuckle from me seeing frames take a break from mission to enjoying some good old fashion snowball fights! It would be awesome to do that in-game 🤔

DasGanon: There's a lot of cute details here the forma star on he tree. It's cute!

IIVeronesi: rotary arm-powered snowball launcher, enough said. But honestly, snowball fights are always great and I wouldn't mind seeing a Christmas tree outside Fortuna like that as a seasonal thing!


🥉 Aragami_Tenno




Kinzok: This piece is truly funny because I believe pets also should defiantly get some gifts during Christmas or anyone should be left out from gifts

Debbysheen_: loved the details and texture :3

CleoNaturin: a jolly excal with their good boi kubrow, props to your attention to detail


🌟 Honorable Mentions 🌟

Dasganon: I really just want that sweater. But (I keep saying this) I like the details like the clem wrapping paper or how annoyed Valkyr is to be there.
CleoNaturin: love all the little humorous details throughout your work, also love the grumpy valkyr.


Debbysheen_: is clearly different, I know pixel art is hard and i really love it, is adorable

IIVeronesi: animating pixel art is a hassel of an experience and I respect the hustle, plus the animation is really cute and well done, in spirit for sure, also nice and pocket-sized.


Please Message me here or on twitter @WF_artproject to set up a date for your prizes!!

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