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Placed in wrong kuva mission


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Right after I finished a kuva flood the hour changed to the next one and therefore another kuva flood was available.

It was on Thebe@Jupiter, I was placed in someone else's game, played through it and at the end I noticed I got less kuva than expected, because I was placed in a siphon on the same node that was started before the reset.

After that mission I could click on Thebe again because I didn't actually play the flood.


And a different issue a few days ago that I got reminded by looking through my screenshots.


Kuva flood was on Ara@Mars 2 times in a row, before and after the hourly reset.

I just played the one right before the reset and then I waited a minute for it to give me the new one. As I said above, it was Ara again, so I matchmaked on it, got placed into a squad... all nice and dandy until I extracted and was given the image above instead of Kuva :/ Had to play it again.

It's not like I was in a premade squad, it was matchmaking that put me there! At least the game could alert me that I won't get kuva again at the mission start or something.

This really needs to be fixed, attach the hour to it or something for matchmaking to avoid them.

Same issue I heard (never had it myself) for fissures, people got matchmaked into a different relic type entirely, having meso&lith in the same mission for example, that also needs to be limited to the relic type to avoid these kinds of issues.

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