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you get tombfinger riven,2 rolls, if you take my annoying kuva kraken as well


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Hi, please take in consideration, that you have to give me something in return, but that may be something of your choice.

Tombfinger Crita-cronitox:    +39,9 % Toxin        + 79,6 % Crit Chance       + 34 5 Fire Rate       rolled only twice         MR: 13          Polarity: Naramon " - "     

Kuva Kraken:     36% Radiation,     no ephemera, 


It is the lich i converted first out of curiosity, before i really knew what it would mean to konvert "her". I really want to let her go now, can't hear/stand her anymore xD



i wish I could change the title of this thread I try to click and hold, but it does not work or I am to dumb xD. I do not own the Riven for tombfinger above any more.

What I can offer as of now is an unrolled sepulcrum riven, .


note: this edit note may change according to rivens I hold and or want to offer ... - or change in pendency of ideas i come up with on what to offer for someone taking the lich off of me xD


on a side note: If this trade offer gets more and more views and becomes legendary out of any reasons, DE might want to think about unwanted lichs and how to give us some possibility to release them out of our "lordship" without trading... xD


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