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I don't think I'm alone in thinking Hydroid could use some reworking. There's a few things I think his kit could use to become more cohesive and interesting. Just spit balling ideas here.

Tempest Barrage: Can we change the effect range has to increase the radius of the ability rather than the radius of the explosions? They're already 5 meter explosions.

Tidal Surge: I got nothing

Undertow: It literally has a 4 meter base radius. Is altering its formula to allow range to not have an exponentially lower effect too much to ask for?

Tentacle Swarm: I'd like to see more synergy here between Undertow and Tentacle Swarm beyond just simply spawning from the pool and doing 2x damage. I think the effect when in Undertow would be amazing if the tentacles pulled enemies down and drowned them at the spot of the tentacles for the duration of Tentacle Swarm while you're in Undertow rather than doing 2x damage, counting towards the number of enemies in Undertow. So, if you were not in Undertow, it would be your normal effect of ticking flat damage, but when in Undertow, they act as pools of water at their spawn location, and reach out, dragging enemies they latch onto into the depths then resurfacing to grab more enemies. Enemies would take slowly increasing damage as they drown as if they were in Undertow, until you release Undertow, or Tentacle Swarm expires, and the pools disappear.

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