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Titania entangled and lantern


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Recently been looking into Titania and i am Baffled by the fact that Titania tribute entangled doesn't slow enemy actions and only slows enemy movements speed, Like that should be illegal!

also lantern when i was presented with the idea of "exploding at the end of ability or on command" i assumed i could charge it with damage and it would go AOE after detonation which honestly i am surprised is not the case! (i would really want to see that base explosion range changed to 10 instead of 8 (or make it 15 and not scaling) since much better frames like Nova has a similar ability with 15m range)

on the same note i would really like to see her 1st ability changed to an aura when i hold 1 to cast on myself (just like tribute) and act as usual when casted on allies!

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