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Relic not dropping its reward even with all reactants, and yet relic removed from inventory.


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Hello there, all is in the title:

I was farming capture missions for relics, and suddenly on one of them just did not give me reward, and therefore wouldn't let me chose one from others relics, said relic disapeared.

1- Yes i had all 10 reactants

2- I was the host

3- I was the one who captured the target

4-And most importantly, the said relic disapeared from my inventory, so basically the relic has been consumed, opened, and yet did not receive anything.


I made a quick record from nvidia capture just to be sure i did get all the reactants, and yes i did.

It was capture on hydra(pluto)lvl 37-39, Axi relic


edit: was a 4man squad

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