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Emblems and Ephemeras MUCH MORE TRANSPARENT than they should be - Transparency issues with Regalia and Ephemeras


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I am a returning player, been on-again-off-again so I don't know exactly when it happened (though I noticed it a while back, anbd it wasnt fixed since then), but every cosmetic attachment, especially regalias become SIGNIFICANTLY more transparent than they should be, to the point of invisibility in some cases, since the last time I played.

My clan emblem, and the Kuria emblems were always solid color, visible in all situations, but now they are almost unnoticable in anything but the darkest areas of the game, and even then they are transparent shadows.

It seems that only things that are made out of solid polygons (like Jordas Sekhara) are still visible.

Ephemeras are affected in similar way - Smoking Body is almost unnoticable, where in before it was fairly well distinguishable, Fae Path grass became invisible, while Freezing Step icicles remained, etc.

The clan emblem even affected in the Dojo decorations, where it looks much more faded on the banners, and especially so if the banner background is bright colored, where before it was nice and solit color.

I tried playing with all the visual settings, switching renderers, DirectX versions and overall graphical settings, particle settings, lighting settings, etc. But results were the same - transparency issue was not affected by this.

I talked to other players and many noticed something like that happening after the Glassmaker update.

Here are some images:


How it looked before - nice and solid: sghsU1H.png

How it looks now: Faded and wrong


Clan emblem became transparent, where before it was solid


Kuria emblem:


Seeding step Ephemera: you can BARELY make out the grass. Most of the time you can't at all.

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