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Would appreciate it immensely if DE Twitch streamers would NOT speak too fast on streams.
Taylor sometimes speaks so fast she is hard to understand (I used to this too).
For the moment I don't remember anyone else, but they might be there, that tends to speak very quickly.
Please slow your speech down :)

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Hum thats a first for Taylor.

even when she speaks fast she is fairly easy to understand. 

Have you seen Reb trying to speak super fast because that something fun to see ^.^ 

Streamers get sometimes caught up in the stream and speaks faster it happens.

English is not my first language but i still understand all DE staff properly ( most of the time ).

Taylor stream is not a Dev stream so basically what intel do you want to catch without the opportunity to rewatch it later on on youtube ?

I don't think its necessary to ask them to speak slower that much.

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Well, can't argue with the logic. So far I haven't had any issues understanding despite being a non-native english speaker. Haven't watched Taylor streams either, to be honest. I do notice thay Geoff tends to mumble a bit, even though that's just part of his shy-ish personality (at least for the cameras).

But this game has a very international community, and ultimately if someone wishes to make sure information gets correctly passed across then certain steps should be taken into consideration when approaching such a large and diverse audience. I.e. clarity of speech, proper placement of microphone, speaking in a way that allows the camera to show lip movement, etc.

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