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Unable to complete Fortuna bounty "spy" phase, have to abandon/fail or extract.

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So I've met this bug for the first time around 1-2 weeks ago. If I start a new bounty and it has a spy phase in it I can complete it with no problem for the first time.

However if I capture a base after it without extracting and do the from there; if those bounties have a spy phase in them too the console becomes inaccesible. I've had this happen to me 4 times already, 3 were solo and 1 was in a group in which I wasn't the host.

One more important thing is that when this happened all the spy phases had the console in the same location to hack so when I did the fresh bounty coming out from Fortuna I had the spy phase in Central Maintenance. Did the bounty, Captured Central Maintenance. Accepted another bounty from the guy there. If that new bounty has a spy phase in it and it is at the same location I can't interact with the console. Even if I fail the bounty if the next one has the spy phase in the same place the problem is still present. Basically I have to extract back to Fortuna to "reset" Orb Vallis. Sadly I don't know what happens if the 2nd spy phase is at a different location because for some reason it always spawned at the same location as the 1st.

Sorry if I overexplained it and thanks for looking at this in advance.

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