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Spaced Themed Frame


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New warframe idea:

Gravity/space themed

1st ability: handheld black hole that absorbs enemies’ ranged attacks and ads back as infinitely scaling damage, plus enemies who get too close get absorbed and give the frame health.

2nd ability: barrier that picks up enemies upon initial cast and at smaller range during the rest of the duration of the ability and holds them in a quarter sphere, pretty much a meat shield, also it and stop occasionally projectiles that aren’t hitting captured enemies, upon ability end creates blackhole that consumes all captured enemies and projectiles creating an explosion dealing damage based on the level and amount of enemies and projectiles captured.

3rd ability: drop down planets that will pick up player and ally weapons projectiles and launch them at nearby enemies (even around corners if placed properly). subsumable ability.

4th ability: creates a massive quasar that pulls in and constantly damages enemies, the more damage the quasar does the more damage the gamma burst coming out of it do, also the stars the ability spawns near enemies that are too far away to be caught by the quasar’s gravity, gain more damage based on the amount of damage done by the quasar.

Passive ability: weapons have substantially increased projectile speed in the frames hands.

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