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Deimos: Arcana - New Bounties & Isolation Vaults Megathread

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This is not directly an arcana/ISO feedback, but thanks for fixing the Une bounty allowing shields to actually regenerate and not just act as blue health. 

I liked the way the old cache bounty worked where you could snipe the tumors, since it felt different from the fortuna and plains cache missions where you had to get to each cache to open them, but I understand why allowing sniping might remove from the mission. (Just please increase the hitbox of the tumors as I find a glaive a lot of the time unable to damage even when colliding with the tumor and thus the glaive explosion has to be used)

Could mission objective scaling based on player count be addressed. I like that the missions do have a bit of scaling, but in certain bounties this makes no sense and having the scaling occur while the mission is active sucks. The main culprit for bad scaling is the sac mission, since having more players does not allow the players to splash more enemies. (I would hope for a different bonus or just a removal of the scaling) I also think the scaling should only be applied at the start of the stage, as having players join mid-stage is just a negative. The bonus becomes more difficult(if not impossible sometimes) to complete while the new player is still loading in and is thus on the other side of the map not contributing to the mission yet.

One general problem that a few other threads have brought up is the horrible drops from the endless. Having a 50, 40 or 30% chance to get an amber star is way too high, once running 9 stages 7 of them dropped amber stars 77% of rewards being amber stars is not enjoyable.

Speaking of rewards, there are no good rewards in the tier 5 bounty once you have the blueprints. Eidolon had eidolon lenses, fortuna had unique set mods, deimos has nothing unique. I hope with the Lavos release that a unique non frame/weapon reward would be added to these missions. 

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A lot of people here already mentioned that doing three iso vaults and the associated arcanas is pretty outrageous. I definitely agree. Honestly you don't even have to allow the selection of the arcanas at the very beginning (that would make no sense also since the vaults have to be cleared first). Make it so you can go straight to whatever tier arcana you need drops from after the associated tier of iso vault is completed without having to do the lower tier arcanas. So basically 4 bounties max assuming you don't want to do all the arcanas in a single run. Alternatively being able to skip the first and/or second tier of iso vaults to go straight to tier three would also be nice, but not preferred in my opinion because the tier three drops would be way to easy to acquire. 

There are other problems also that make it take awhile:

1. The first phase where you have to charge the throwable and kill the marked infested takes WAY TOO LONG. It's easily the longest part of any single task in any of the vaults or arcanas. And getting the bonus with only 5 of them is almost impossible. The required number of kills is too high (25 iirc), it should be closer to like 15 (on average it seemed like I was hitting 3-4 infested with each with a REALLY GOOD throw). I also feel like they take too long to charge. 4 tumors is a bit much to find. 2-3 seems more rational.

2. On the last phase with the purifier the infested tongues don't reappear like they do on normal bounties, they should. It would make it not only a lot faster but actually make the bonus accomplishable. 

These two particular phases take up the majority of the time, the others are very fair and I don't have any issues with.

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The "Mist Fissures" Bounty so far is not only unnecessarily long for Solo players, but fairly buggy still:

  • Fissures not sealing after killing all Infested

Some Infested either fail to spawn or killing them simply will not trigger the command to completely seal the Fissure. That means that should that happen (quite often), you have to wait for the full 1:30 seconds for the Emitter to respawn and reset. Some particular fissures in specific spots of a tileset will have this occur quite often.

  • Five Fissures

It's too many for a solo player, not to mention that you must go back to the Containment Unit each time to grab a new Emitter.

Ideas to fix up this Bounty:

  1. Increase the chances that more of the Fissures will spawn in the same Isolation Vault Tile where the Containment Unit is/the Bounty started.
  2. The Emitter respawns at the last Fissure when successfully sealed, with the same current power level.
  3. Number of Fissures: F = (3+1(n-1)); n represents of the number of players.
  4. If there is more than one player, multiple Emitters can spawn from the Containment Unit.
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I guess this is a bad time trying to complete the Arcana Vaults because of Orphix Venom, because:

  • people wants to play Orphix Venom, recruiting channel is mostly about it for now
  • people wants to play Orphix Venom with their mech, and will only farm the first vault to get mech parts
  • people don't know about Arcana Vaults unlocking after completing the first vault?

There is no way to match other players from the Necralisk, I usually start a T3 vault, we complete it, then people wait for extraction, so I usually go solo after that.

I'm farming this to get the new archguns, but the grind compared to Orphix Venom is ridiculous.

I was able to unlock most stuff in 3-4h of Orphix Venom (drop and shop), but since Arcana Vaults is completely RNG, it's taking a lot more time.

It usually takes 10-15min to complete the first vault (3 necramechs + Loid), then 10-15min for each Arcana vault. I'm usually able to do 3 Arcana Vaults in an hour, but extract to avoid the necramech XP bug.

I understand the 50% chance to get an arcane (I hope they would be better), but the chance to get a relic or a matrix? That's a slap in the face, like a critical failure. If we could at least buy the  weapon parts with matrix... Like the token system in Orphix Venom.

So yeah, right now, Arcana vault isn't really a fun experience, RNG loot after a long run and solo play because of lack of matchmaking.

My suggestions:

  • remove relic and matrix from the loot table, or add weapon parts to the shop
  • unlock arcana vault at mother
  • improve arcanes so that people are more inclined to farm them?  :)
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Why Mother only have three Isolation Vault in NecraLisk?

Everytime I want to do the arcana bounty I need to join a free roam mission and then click leave the team. After doing this, i can no longer find someone to join my Queue!

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