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My Bee Frame idea


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I really liked the idea of if there was a bee based frame how that would spread awareness for their importance and how bees are going extinct, so I hope I could do that idea justice with my frame



Mitera, Queen of Pollen

200  Armor
125  Energy (188 at rank 30)
150  Health (450 at rank 30)
75   Shield (225 at rank 30)
1.0  Sprint

Description: Handles nectar and honey as unique ressources. Shoots with her Stinger if no Primary weapon is equipped.

Explanation: MITERA collects NECTAR through her Abilities. She can hold up to 100 NECTAR in total, which will be displayed on a hexagonal icon in the bottom right corner and MITERA receives various buffs based on her number of NECTAR. With 10 or more NECTAR MITERA's Movement Speed is increased by 15%, with 30 or more NECTAR MITERA's Armor is increased by 25%, with 60 or more NECTAR Status Duration on self is reduced by 33% and with 100 NECTAR MITERAs and her Abilities HONEY drops are doubled. Every 10 Seconds MITERA consumes 10 NECTAR and drops 1 HONEY, which functions like Health Orbs. If MITERA doesn't have a Primary Weapon equiped, she will equip her OVIPOSITOR, a Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle.

First Abiltiy:
Description: Mitera builds a hive of bees that attack enemies. When an enemy dies the bees return to the hive with nectar.

Explanation: Activating this Ability will cost 25 Energy and place a HIVE directly in front of MITERA. As long as MITERA is within 50m of the HIVE, 2/2/4/4 SWARMs of bees will appear from the HIVE, which are invulnurable and roam the immediate area. Any Enemy wandering within 5/6/7/8m of the HIVE will be swarmed by a SWARM, Staggering them, making them flail their arms, then, their Movement Speed and Accuracy is reduced by 5/10/15/20% while they take 100/150/200/250 Slash Damage per second with a 30% Status Chance, until the Enemy dies or MITERA is no longer within a 50m radius. An Enemy that is killed while swarmed will give the SWARM 10 NECTAR, making them return to the HIVE and deposit their NECTAR, despawning afterwards. The total number of collected NECTAR will be displayed over the HIVE. MITERA can walk within 2m of a HIVE and collect the contained NECTAR for her Passive. A HIVE will despawn once all SWARMs have despawned and MITERA collects the remaining NECTAR from it. A total of 3 HIVEs can exist at a time, with the current number of HIVEs displayed over the Ability icon.

Number of SWARMs per HIVE is affected by Power Duration
HIVE swarming range is affected by Power Range
Swarming damage is affected by Power Strength
Enemy Movement Speed and Accuracy decrease is affected by Power Strength

Second Ability:
Description: Mitera commands the bees in her hives to steal shields and armor from enemies.

Explanation: Activating this Ability will cost 50 Energy and have all of MITERA's HIVEs create a tornado of bees in a 5/6/7/8m radius for 2s, dealing 125/150/175/200 True damage per second with a 30% Status Chance for Slash procs, reducing current Enemy Armor based on the damage dealt (Damage dealt divided by 16, the result is Armor removed as a percentage). Enemies killed by HARVEST will drop 1 HONEY, which functions like Health Orbs. Increases the HIVEs NECTAR by 5 for each enemy that was swarmed during activation. If HIVE ARMOR is active during HARVESTs activation, a tornado will appear around MITERA aswell.

Radius is affected by Power Range
Damage is affacted by Power Strength

Third Ability:
Hive Armor
Description: Mitera cloaks herself in nests of bees to protect herself from damage.

Explanation: Activating this Ability will cost 75 Energy and cover MITERA in 6 NESTs. After taking damage from an enemy, consumes a NEST and puts MITERA in HUDDLE. In HUDDLE the bees from that NEST cover MITERA's body and grant her a 25/40/60/75% damage reduction, during which no other NESTs are consumed and Enemies that wander within 1.25/1.5/1.75/2m of MITERA will be Staggered, flailing their arms and taking 50/75/100/125 Slash Damage per second with a 30% Status Chance. HUDDLE lasts 2/3/4/5s. If the enemy activating HUDDLE stands within range of a HIVE, an additional SWARM will spawn, swarming them. Picking up HONEY will restore 1 NEST to MITERA, but the number of NESTs cannot exceed the number she obtained upon casting. The number of NESTs is displayed over the ability icon.

HUDDLE duration is affected by Power Duration
Stagger range is affected by Power Range
Stagger damage is affected by Power Strength
Number of NESTs is affected by Power Strength
Damage reduction percentage is affected by Power Strength

Fourth Ability:
Queen's Pheromone
Description: Mitera sacrifices nectar to cover enemies in a viscous liquid, making them more vulnurable to her abilities.

Explanation: Activating this ability will cost 30 NECTAR and covers all Enemies within a 10/12/16/20m radius in GOO, briefly Stunning them, dealing 75/150/225/300 Toxin Damage, with a 100% Status Chance and reducing their Movement Speed by 15/20/25/30% for the remainder of the duration. COLONYs, HARVESTs and HIVE ARMORs damage and Status Chance are doubled to Enemies covered in GOO. Enemies killed that were covered in GOO have a 25/35/45/50% chance of dropping HONEY, which functions like Health Orbs. Holding the Ability button will shoot the GOO in a straight line instead, with a length of 20/25/27.5/30m and a width of 5/6/7/8m. The GOO lasts for 7/10/12/15 seconds.

GOO duration is affected by Power Duration
Radius is affected by Power Range
Length and width are affected by Power Range
Casting damage is affected by Power Strength
Movement Speed decrease is affected by Power Strength
HONEY drop chance is affected by Power Strength

Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle

    40 Impact
    40 Puncture
    80 Slash
Crit Chance: 40%
Crit Multiplier: 2.5x
Status Chance: 36%
Fire Rate: 2.5
Accuracy: 100
Magazine Size: 1
Max Ammo: 540
Reload: 0.8s
Projectile Speed: 200m/s
Punch Through: 1.0m

Alternate Fire:

    5 Gas
Crit Chance: 0%
Crit Multiplier: 1.0x
Status Chance: 0%
Accuracy: 25
Fire Rate: 2.5
Projectile Speed: 75m/s

Explanation: The Alternate Fire will shoot a DART that will Mark an Enemy. All of MITERAs Ability damage is doubled against a Marked Enemy. The DART lasts 20 seconds, until another DART that hits an Enemy is shot or until the Enemy dies.


Augment ideas:

Nurturing Colony:
Colony Augment. Allies standing within the range of a HIVE have -30/45/60/75% reduced Status Duration on self.

Elemental Harvest:
Harvest Augment. HARVEST has a 25/50/75/100% Status Chance on casting based on the Elemental Mods equipped on your Primary Weapon.

Status Chance is affected by Power Strength

Hivemind Armor
Hive Armor Augment. While active, HUDDLE will now benefit Allies within 8/10/12/15m for its duration.

Radius is affected by Power Range

Contagious Pheromone
Queen's Pheromone Augment. Enemies killed that are covered in GOO spread the GOO over 2/3/4/5m for the remainder of the Abilities duration.

Spread range is affected by Power Range


The player receives a signal from a Drone of unknown origin flying around the system and scanning wildilife. Hacking said drone sends you on a mission to Jupiter, however, upon arrival, the signal seems to be comming from inside the gas-giant. An orokin ship emerges from inside the planet, previously hidden behind the planets gascious clouds. Entering the ship reveals it to be a research station, but there are plants growing all over the place. Going deeper reveals hives everywhere, millions and billions of bees flying around, thriving. At the helm sits a skeleton, next to it the terminal that sent out the drone. Interacting with it activates an alarm, the ship begins to make loud noises, violently shaking. Lotus reports to the player that several ships have undocked and are now travelling to various planets all over the system. The player leaves and follows one of the ships to a planet where it crashed. They find swarms of bees flying all over the place. Following the bees reveals the ships crashside. It's opened, filled with hives from floor to ceiling. The player protects the ship from enemies for the bees to survive, then follows the other ships around the solar system onto planets to protect those from attacks aswell. Convinced that the answer for this occurance must lie somewhere on the ship, the player returns to it, but finds several dead corpus all over the place. At the center: A frame. It begins attacking, but the player manages to defeat it and convinces it that they helped the bees, not harmed them. The player receives a recording, then the frame leaves into the ship. Just as the player leaves, the ship flies back into Jupiter, never to be seen again. Playing the recording reveals the following:

"I am Aristaeus, the orokin harvester. I used to oversee the production of plants and crops in our beautiful system. I achieved this with the help of my friends, the bees. Beautiful little creatures, who, despite their size, are responsible for the reproduction of a majority of produce. Pollination is an art and they are the artists. As recognition for my services, Ballas was to design a guardian, a protector for me, my creatures and my work. That guardian was Mitera. But when I pleaded with the emperors to put systems in place to ensure the survival of my bees and thus the survival of the many plant species in our system, my requests were met with animosity. How dare I suggest the orokin were incapable of preserving the system themselves. So I took things in my own hands. This ship you have discovered is my Magnum Opus, I have designed it to be the perfect habitat for bees and without interruption it will sustain itself indefinitely. Should you listen to this I am long gone, but my bees should have survived. If everything has gone according to plan, they should be roaming the system and my ship will return to its slumber until it is needed again. Please, take care of them. This system may not remember the name Aristaeus, but it will remember my work."

After this quest bee swarms are a new neutral wildlife enemy, that only attack when provoked. Scanning the swarms will grant the new ressource, wax, which will be needed for the construction of Mitera.

Can you master the queen, tenno?

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This is great, visuals, abilities, and all! That said, the topic title is a mouth full and a half.

Also one nitpick; What's the cap for Hive Armour's DR? You mention it starts out at 75% and that it scales off of strength, but nothing about a cap.

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14 minutes ago, Gashabae said:

This is great, visuals, abilities, and all! That said, the topic title is a mouth full and a half.

Also one nitpick; What's the cap for Hive Armour's DR? You mention it starts out at 75% and that it scales off of strength, but nothing about a cap.

Well the character limit gave me a bit of trouble xD Sorry about that

Thanks a lot for the compliment tho!

As for the DR, I imagine it would cap at 90%, like most DR abilities, but I guess that would be up to testing and balancing? But yeah I didn't think to include any caps

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On 2020-11-18 at 5:46 PM, SirWeibrot said:


I don't know if you got the invite I sent you, but I'm having an art contest and I would love it if you joined! The way you convey so much detail using nothing but pixels is kind of amazing! Also, I love retro games, so of course I think this is awesome!

Also, the winner gets a Maxed Arcane Energize.

Please let me know what you decide.

If you're interested, here's the link to the contest:

Guen, The Kuva Warframe 🌶️ Art Contest (Winner Gets a Maxed ARCANE ENERGIZE!) - Fan Art - Warframe Forums

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