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Tactical Nourish? (Railjack: Ability Kinesis)


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So, uh...

Nourish is an ability that normally requires Grendel to... have enemies in his gut. And then it gives a radial buff to allies.

Does the Ability Kinesis just give allies a free buff in the area regardless of whether or not Grendel has enemies consumed, then? If so, how does it select that buff?

And furthermore, what is the point of that instead of Feast? Remotely vacuuming all (or most) of a boarding party into Grendel's gut would be an incredibly useful tac ability whereas Nourish is only going to provide a minor (almost totally inconsequential, really) buff to allies who are already clearing out said boarding party and hardly need the help to do so.

Really... why NOURISH? And if Feast seems too strong then Regurgitate is still a better option. Like a toxic version of Vauban's Photon Strike. And THAT'S still assuming that the Grendel who's ability is being borrowed doesn't need to have enemies in his gut.

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